SAP Integration

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HD Solutions/SAP integration increases client profitability by creating direct access to operational project information. The gap between the systems of record is bridged, bringing SAP data to estimate, progress, forecasting, and scheduling.Watch the SAP Integration webinar | Read the SAP Integration datasheet

Bridge Operational Field Data to SAP

  • Build an estimate: create cost model estimate and budget by activity, WBS to SAP job cost
  • Track progress: measure progress at the activity level
  • Reconcile activities: associate phase codes, account codes, and GL codes at the activity level
  • Receive and send actuals to and from SAP: cost, hours, quantities, and percent complete from SAP job cost
  • Forecast completion: utilize baseline assumptions leveraged with actual progress to predict cost and productivity finish

Reconcile Project Data with SAP Actuals

  • Calculate earned value (EV): from activity progress, quantities, and percent complete at the activity level to SAP billing and accounting
  • Project reconciliation: reconcile “earned” activities with “actual” costs from SAP

Bridge Operational Field Data to Primavera P6, along with SAP Data

  • Cost and resource load schedules: roles and resources (labor, material, equipment)

HD/SAP Overview Webinar Video

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