On Center On-Screen Takeoff Integration

Benefits of HD Solutions integration with On-Screen Takeoff

  • Automate project visibility
  • Increase project productivity
  • Reduce estimate creation time
  • Alleviate manual processes

Reduce Takeoff, Estimate, and Schedule Creation Time

HD Solutions with On-Screen Takeoff integrates accurate drawing takeoff data into an estimate cost model and creates scheduled activity durations with known resource and assembly factors with as few as two clicks of the mouse. This process cuts the time involved to accurately measure, count, and produce data from drawings. It also establishes a starting cost and resource-loaded schedule in either Microsoft Project or Oracle’s Primavera P6.

Leverage Dynamic Integration

As takeoff quantities and other details are created or changed, HD Solutions provides direct access to takeoff data, providing direct integration and synchronization with design and CAD drawings. Takeoff data is initially synchronized into the estimate with a single mouse click, or drag and drop into the cost breakdown structure (CBS). There is no import/export required as with other systems.

On Center On-Screen Takeoff integration with the HD Suite

Identify Drawing Changes

When drawings and takeoff quantities change, HD Solutions flags the changes and provides an easy process for synchronizing and tracking changes. Drawing changes are highlighted in easy to understand colors, allowing you to effectively handle revised quantities and new takeoff items with a visual overlay of changes.

Recognize Cost Changes

As modifications to drawing occur, HD Solutions tracks the cost consequences of each change, providing immediate and accurate “what if” cost scenarios with a complete picture of how project cost is affected with additions, modifications, and deletion of items.

Understand Schedule Impact

Adjustments to plans and drawings can be reflected to the schedule instantaneously, providing direct insight and additional “what if” impact analysis related to schedule consequences with dynamic links to Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project.

Leverage Intelligent WBS Mapping

The design data integration automatically establishes associations between OST takeoff items and HD Solutions resources or assemblies after the first time. Manage resource and assembly costs and productivity norms in HD Solutions, while driving quantities from OST. Complex assemblies including resources, crews, equipment, supplies, and other related data can be associated with each item of a drawing. This process creates a powerful method to build assemblies from a single drawing component, with a library of cost and productivity behind it.

Utilize Visual Estimating

HD Solutions identifies which takeoff items have been used in the estimate so you know what’s left to do. Click a takeoff item from the drawing and HD Solutions will highlight it in the estimate for instant visibility.

Designed For Your Industry

On Center On-Screen Takeoff is designed to simplify accurate quantity take-off of counts, lengths, volumes, areas, and other measurements from electronic drawings saved as popular image formats and PDF files. It is ideally suited to projects related to oil & gas, mining, STO (shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages), infrastructure, power & process, and environmental projects with extensive quantity takeoff requirements. The design data integration module has an open API so you can support any design system, now and in the future.


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