Shutdowns, Turnarounds, & Outages (STO)

Stop losing revenue on projects whose durations are not optimized.

STO Software

HD Solutions for STO allows you to accomplish more, in less time, with reduced effort.

Leverage your historical data and integrated tools so that your enterprise can create a consistent template for future projects. With a repeatable turnaround strategy, planning time is reduced while productivity is increased.

HD Solutions seamlessly integrates project plans into the schedule, manages execution using real-time project data, and provides powerful analytics and reporting tools to refine and standardize the entire process.

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the HD Suite: Deploy a Single, Integrated Solution

Deploy a Single, Integrated Solution

HD Solutions for STO incorporates best practices and integrates all project-related systems to provide a unified view of performance throughout the project lifecycle.

the HD Suite: Model Estimates with Regional Data

Model Estimates with Regional Data

Leverage centralized shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages libraries with rates based on local sites and regions.

Integrate Cost and Schedule with the HD Suite

Integrate Cost and Schedule

HD Solutions integrates project-related systems, including a tight bi-directional link with Primavera P6 schedules, to provide cost confidence from initial estimate through project completion.

the HD Suite: Build Accurate Estimates

Maintain Accuracy, Visibility

Building estimates with HD Solutions provides verifiable numbers so that you always have project cost confidence.

the HD Suite: Leverage templates to create consistent estimates

Create Consistent Estimates

Easily create new estimates using templates based on benchmark data from similar previous projects. Maintain consistency across team members and skill levels.

Accurately Measure Performance

Accurately Measure Performance

HD Solutions for STO offers detailed and timely project status information to gain immediate insight into what was estimated and budgeted, versus actual project performance.

Maximize Project Accuracy

Organize STO details with an unlimited cost breakdown structure (CBS).HD Solutions for STO demands accuracy by using actual and historical costs to build a strong planning structure with unlimited work plan capacity and levels of detail.

Valuable tools provide the option to create a work breakdown structure (WBS) in a work package that can be defined by work order, cost code, plant area, phase, customer code, and other user-controlled attributes. Enhanced features include side-by-side comparison of conceptual and detailed project phases. HD Solutions maximizes project accuracy by giving a complete view of labor, equipment, and material resources. The library of cost and billing rates for labor and equipment are customizable to your project’s type and geographic location.

  • Utilize HD Solutions’ infinite resource-level cost detailing
  • Customizable cost item models with corresponding variables: shifts, man hours, crews and resources, etc.
  • Accessible third-party cost & production items and assemblies
  • Historic cost & productivity database

Visualize Project Execution

When executing the plan, there is no room for wasted time. If the plan needs to be changed, HD Solutions for STO performs “what if” analysis to determine the impact of those changes on cost and schedule. Any changes to the project plan are tracked and an audit trail is automatically created, detailing how each change affected the project’s budget.

HD Solutions centralizes project measurement data, fully equipped with updates on %-complete analysis, budgeted cost of work scheduled (BCWS), earned value (EV), actual cost of work performed (ACWP), cost variance, estimate at completion (EAC), and forecast variance.

  • Visibility of actual cost & productivity
  • Forecast total costs to completion
  • Daily transaction reports, compared with planned costs

Measure Budget, Earned, Accrued Costs

HD Solutions makes post-outage assessment simple with access to over 100 pre-built and customizable reports on all cost and resource data. Templates include resource utilization, cash flow, subcontracted items, and detailed productivity and costs. Web-based reporting and dashboards present a clear perspective of the STO through completion.

Analyze Project Data

HD Solutions for STO expedites the receipt of actual billing by recording cost of the work performed against planned cost. Data collected can be received directly from the field, allowing management to review and save planned, actual, and forecasted data.

  • Standardized repeatable process
  • Store all historic cost & production actuals
  • Profit and overhead transparency
  • Detailed reporting on all aspects of the project

Plan for the Unexpected

When unexpected maintenance occurs, HD Solutions acts as a strong, proactive, planning tool. HD Solutions’ centralized view provides easy access to an archive full of historical project data. By utilizing the data from prior projects, owners and contractors can accurately assess the schedule and resources needed to complete an unplanned project.

The HD Suite for STO Video

Our HD Solutions for STO video (running time: 30 minutes) featuring Solutions Engineer Ryan Craaybeek covers how to:

the HD Suite for STO Video

  • Maintain central NORMs
  • Drive resource planning
  • Cost load schedules

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