Power/Process Software

Power / Process Software
HD Solutions manages scope, cost, schedule, progress, and performance, giving you total control from project selection to project completion. HD Solutions gives project stakeholders daily earned value reports so that projects and budgets are always on track.HD Solutions produces conceptual and detailed estimates and is fully capable of managing the pre-planning, planning, and construction phases of a project. Increase your return on capital by reducing project costs and increasing efficiency with HD Solutions.

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Tie Cost and Schedule Together with the HD Suite

Build Cost Models

Generate high-level estimates efficiently with HD Solutions, using third-party libraries and your company’s historical project data to help prioritize projects selected.

the HD Suite: Receive Daily Cost Updates

Leverage Daily Earned Value

Evaluate and award work packages to contractors. Manage outside contractors and internal resources throughout the project with forecast-to-completion snapshots. Leverage daily earned value reporting to manage performance and track the cost-spend curve.

Performance Measurement

Evaluate Scope and Changes

Easily develop variations of a plan and “what if” scenarios by altering sequencing and timing of resources, or suspending sub-projects. Produce meaningful comparisons that account for escalation, resources, and schedule revisions.

HD Solutions meets the capital planning and project control needs for power generation, transmission distribution, gas and electricity, solar, wind, water, nuclear, and telecom plus public works.Many power and process companies rely on spreadsheets and multiple non-standardized processes to provide engineering estimates, capital planning estimates, and actual-to-estimated cost outcomes. As a result, they lose the ability to abstract, compare, and selectively reuse data.

HD Solutions for power/process and public works can improve estimating accuracy by up to 100%, reduce response times by up to 50%, and allows time to evaluate a project to consider alternate approaches, consistency, escalation, and varied schedule scenarios. Beyond the individual project, HD Solutions offers a rich, well-developed project portfolio analytics and modeling capability for project planners. It also provides access to productivity and cost-historic data at the task level, important for closed-loop feedback into the planning execution phase.

“HD Solutions is built on modern technology and that makes it extremely easy to use, plus the integration with accounting was exactly what we needed.”

Bill Overstreet
Chief Estimator, Pullman Power

HD Solutions Provides

  • A common work platform and process for estimating, planning, and executing capital projects across all divisions.
  • Ability to integrate work from various groups into a composite plan from conceptual to final construction grade estimates.
  • Accurate earned value reporting and monitoring including costs, production, and time.
  • Consistency and a common platform develop a historical cost and productivity library for faster and accurate estimates.
  • Ability to rapidly and easily model “what-if” options and conditions into plans.
  • Ability to easily determine cost escalation across multi-year projects.
  • Ability to track changes from conceptual to engineering budget to as-built costs.
  • Dynamic integration to either Primavera or Microsoft Project for seamless scheduling and realistic accurate cash flow analysis.
  • Ability to apply different labor rates, local taxes, crew productivity, and availability across all business regions.


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