As organizations grow, they require systems that can handle enterprise-level project cost management.

Infrastructure Construction Software

Today’s economy challenges infrastructure EPCMs and contractors to win profitable projects and minimize cost and risk during execution. HD suite creates a strong, centralized process so all members of your organization can access accurate, up-to-date project information for timely decision making. Owners require accurate project tracking. Analyze and manage expected costs with time-phased cost modeling and forecasting to secure project funding. Evaluate the impact of spend levels over time to adjust resources and budget allocations. Estimate with built-in cost libraries, easily schedule and manage resources, and analyze real-time productivity with HD suite.

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Maintain Project Accuracy, Visibility with the HD Suite

Maintain Accuracy, Visibility

Building estimates with HD suite provides verifiable numbers so that you always have project cost confidence.

Integrate Cost and Schedule with the HD Suite

Integrate Cost and Schedule

HD suite integrates project-related systems, including a tight bi-directional link with Primavera P6 schedules, to provide cost confidence from initial estimate through project completion.

the HD Suite features change-order tracking

Ensure Payment for Change Orders

Easily track changes and manage multiple budgets and forecasts with HD suite – throughout the project lifecycle – so that you can get paid for all your hard work.

Create Estimates Quickly with the HD Suite

Create Estimates Quickly

Leverage standardized templates by project type or use past projects to kick-start the estimating process.

Monitor Project Performance with the HD Suite

Monitor Project Performance

Always have the verifiable insight you need to reduce risk and minimize durations during project execution. HD suite keeps all stakeholders informed with total project visibility.

Build Accurate Forecasts with the HD Suite

Build Accurate Forecasts

Look forward with confidence knowing your project forecast was built with cost models that fully account for its unique characteristics.

Plan flexible pricing structures with the HD Suite

Plan Flexible Pricing Structures

Build your cost and work breakdown structures the way you choose and then tie it with your client’s bid schedule.

Create consistent estimates with the HD Suite

Create Consistent Estimates

Easily create new estimates using templates based on benchmark data from similar previous projects. Maintain consistency across team members and skill levels.

Manage overhead and profit with the HD Suite

Manage Overhead and Profit

Easily spread overhead and profit across bid items with HD suite to maximize profitability on every project.

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Infrastructure estimating provides solutions for heavy civil, roads & transportation, bridges, underground, earth work, paving, and marine construction.

Gain an A+B Bidding Edge

A+B bidding continues to gain popularity for public works projects, and is forcing contractors to re-think their estimating and bidding methodologies. In A+B bids, the contractor submits both a price (the “A” portion) and a duration (the “B” portion) as part of the bid package. The state or other government agency financing the project establishes a daily cost associated with the job, and multiplies that daily cost by the duration bid by each contractor. The contractor with the best combination of cost and duration – A+B – is awarded the work.

Eliminate Penalties and Liquidated Damages

Gain an early-complete bonus advantage! Because A+B bids typically include significant penalties for completing the project late, as well as bonuses for early completion, contractors must be able to effectively analyze the correlation between a project’s cost and its schedule. More importantly, contractors that can easily perform “what if” analysis across both the estimate and the schedule have a unique advantage when it comes to A+B bids.

A+B bidding drives contractors to re-evaluate the importance of scheduling during the estimating process. HD Solutions’ dynamic integration with Microsoft Project and Primavera P6 gives companies a highly compelling advantage when optimizing a project’s cost and schedule using different resource and productivity scenarios, crew sizes, and shift arrangements. Adding the schedule element gives sophisticated contractors an additional criteria on which to compete for business, so it’s not just “low bid gets the job.”

Calculate Project Finance Costs

Understand the cost of financing a project by applying financing costs to activities over time. Calculate the actual cost of financing against planned and actual resources, roles, equipment, labor and materials in the scope.

Project Interoperability

HD suite software for infrastructure provides interoperability by enabling standard integration with over 35 ERP systems. Eliminate duplicate data entry while maintaining integrity between operations and financial management.

Infrastructure Project Results

Project results provide an invaluable historical database of quantities, costs, crew, and machine productivity unique to your company, providing a competitive advantage, accuracy confidence, and a foundation for expansion and growth.

On top of quantitative data, timesheets can record notes for each activity including assumptions, jobsite observations, and more. Increase communication and provide additional information that enables field operators to prevent staging and other issues.

HD suite: Best-in-class Tools

HD Suite’s specialized functionality for infrastructure includes best-in-class tools for estimating and takeoff of trenches, haul calculation, asphalt, pipe, grading, bridges, curb, excavation, mobilization, structural concrete, box culvert, and water takeoff.

HD suite enables conceptual to detailed productivity-based estimating, bidding, and tender processing. Create integrated cost and resource-loaded schedules, and leverage automated timesheet collection, productivity, and equipment and material tracking. Support for DOT and government websites eliminates data entry and ensures faster, accurate bids.

The HD suite for Infrastructure Video

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