HD Schedule Integration

Real-Time Schedule Integration

HDLeverage the market’s only dynamic, real-time, bi-directional integration with leading scheduling systems from Oracle Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project. Drastically reduce schedule to scope creation and recondition time with cost and resource loaded schedules created from estimates or scope estimates by schedule. Bi-directional integration between the cost estimate and schedule enables accurate cash flow visibility, multi-year cost escalation modeling, and “what if” schedule versus cost analysis.

Real-time integration enables changes to the schedule and scope dynamically, providing simultaneous updates to the budget and schedule. No copy and paste, no import and export.

“What if” Scope/Schedule Modeling

Perform “what if” analysis to simultaneously view the cost and timing impact of changes made to the scope or schedule. Change production rates, crew configurations, shift arrangements, or quantities in the project scope and instantly see the resulting impact in the schedule. Make changes to durations in the schedule (e.g., drag bars to make them longer or shorter) and instantly determine the production rates required in the HD project to hit the new scheduled duration.

Instant Schedule Creation

One click creates a WBS structure in either Microsoft Project or Oracle Primavera P6, complete with estimated durations, costs, and in P6 – resources. Select individual items to include or leave out of the drive schedule durations from estimated durations in HD, including productivity-based durations. Drive schedule durations from “plug” durations in HD, allowing schedules to show different durations than the assumptions made in the budget.

Sync Budget and Schedule

Real-time synchronization between scope and schedule makes it simple to identify the effects of changes as they occur (no import/export required). Automatically update activity IDs, descriptions, durations, resources (in P6), and costs when changes are made to the HD project. Automatically update durations, start dates, and finish dates in the HD project when changes are made to the schedule.