EPCM Software

EPCM Software

HD Solutions features for EPCMs:

  • Import data from virtually any source
  • Base new estimates on historical project data
  • Know the scope of the project
  • Spend time analyzing costs instead of entering data

Develop Defensible Estimates & Control Budgets

  • Base new estimates on historical data from similar projects
  • Use 3rd-party cost sources, e.g., Richardson and/or RSMeans
  • Develop detailed cost models
  • Easily manage multiple versions of the estimate as project scope and assumptions change over time
  • Slice and dice the project using multiple coding structures

Link Budgets to Schedules

  • Link your estimate and budget to a schedule developed in Oracle Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project

What does that do for you? It cuts your work in half, because every time scope or assumptions change from then on, you only have to make the change once. Both the budget and the schedule update to reflect the change. By linking costs and schedules, you get automatic cost and resource curves over time, with detailed models behind the curves to validate projections.

Track Progress and Manage Earned Value

Whether you use HD Solutions to record progress and man hours on a daily basis, or import progress from spreadsheets or contractor systems, HD Solutions gives you instant percent complete analysis, performance graphs, and earned value calculations.

Forecast Costs and Spend Levels

No more tedious exercises trying to develop forecasts in Excel – all the data is right in front of you so you can perform “what if” analysis in seconds.

HD Solutions’ “rational forecasting” capabilities provide many approaches that can be leveraged as needed on each section of the work. Base forecasts on:

  • Current estimate
  • Average performance to date
  • Recent performance
  • Current trends
  • Manual override factors

Assess and Quantify Changes to the Budget

Assessing project changes’ impact on the budget is one of the most important roles of the EPCM. HD Solutions gives you the ability to:

  • Manage changes to the control budget in a formal, disciplined way
  • Trace back through the steps that led from the original budget to the current budget
  • Document and categorize each change, so you can easily answer questions such as, “What was the ultimate cost impact of all the changes resulting from the phase two scope changes?”

Unmatched Reporting and Analysis

Keeping the owner/operator, engineering team, construction team, and suppliers all on the same page is both art and science, and HD Solutions makes it easy. Take advantage of:

  • Built-in reports covering project performance, forecasts, budget variances, and changes.
  • Integrated Lasso Project Intelligence – create online project portals with different views and dashboards appropriate to each stake holder.
  • Drill down and analysis of the data to the level you authorize
  • Automated reports and alerts sent via e-mail

Create custom reports and dashboards without IT assistance or Excel heroics, and share them online (no more sending PDF files back and forth, or scraping Excel spreadsheets to send just the relevant information).


The Commitments feature allows you to track how much of your current budget has been committed for expenditure to a particular company. The committed amount can be tracked separately from the budgeted amount. It enables an owner to answer these important questions:

  1. What is the total value of our commitments to date on this project? i.e., If we were to cancel the project today, how much would we be on the hook for as the owner?
  2. How does the committed amount for a specific scope of work compare to what we had budgeted for that work? If we committed less than we had budgeted, that money can possibly be spent elsewhere.
  3. How do the as-built costs for a particular contractor compare to the amount we committed to them? Are they billing us more than we committed to them?


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