Contractor Estimating Software

Contractor Estimating Software
Hard Dollar’s industry-leading estimating, bidding, project control, and in-depth analysis increases visibility and project gross margins. Only HD Solutions dynamically integrates and loads costs, quantities, and resources with Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project.

HD Solutions features for contractors:

  • Earned value reporting across projects
  • Integration of budgeted and estimated costs, resources, and actual work completed with Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project

HD Solutions benefits for contractors:

  • Competitive advantage & revenue growth
  • Build faster, more accurate estimates
  • Owner confidence
  • Higher gross margins
  • Reduced risk

HD Estimating

Develop Internal and External Work Packages from Pay Items

Contractors have the ability to receive pay items from the owner, maintaining the integrity of owner’s structure while defining an internal contractors’ work breakdown structure related to how the project will actually be built.

Work packages and cost breakdown structures are separated from an owner’s pay item list, allowing the owner to receive reports and pricing exactly as requested, while maintaining a separate structure for the contractor.

Create Markups by Cost or Percent

Develop billing rates from quote resources, applying markups across one or more items to expedite the markup of cost items by rates or percentage of cost.

Calculate Profit and Overhead Distribution

Gain flexibility in spreading markup and overhead. Spread profit and overhead proportionately over all estimate items with a single step. Select lower-risk, higher-profit areas to assign additional profit spread. Manage overrun and under-run items with auto-pricing to spread profit on unit rate quantities.

HD Performance

Provide Earned Value Updates for Owners

Deliver current progress daily, weekly, and monthly with quantity and percent complete project measurement.

Provide detailed notes, history, and condition information with daily reports to expedite payments and assist with future potential claims.


Dynamic Project Forecasting

Plan resources, cash, equipment, material and other project components with dynamic project forecasting over the course of the project.

Calculate forecasted revenue against cost-to-manage profitability.


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