Visibility into project performance is important to any manager. Without accurate insight into the status of active projects, managers can easily be surprised by cost overruns, labor shortages, unexpected delays, and other obstacles to business success. Project stakeholders need cross-project dashboards and reports that provide the insight needed to successfully navigate challenges and bring projects through to successful completion.

HD Reporting provides the visibility managers need to understand project performance and avoid surprises. With HD Reporting, managers can quickly gather data from active projects and generate the reports and dashboards needed to identify issues earlier and make more informed decisions.

Built on the leading SAP BusinessObjects platform, HD Reporting is an on-premise business intelligence solution that adds cross-project reporting capabilities to InEight HD estimating and control solutions.

Key Features:

  • Cross-Project Dashboards and Reports – Compare performance across the entire project portfolio
  • Time-phased data – Quickly identify and act on developing trends
  • Gain complete visibility into revenue, costs, profitability and cash at project and portfolio levels
  • Analyze cost versus budget, earned value, and other financial data by geography and across multiple projects
  • Determine the risk profile of project portfolios by identifying high-risk projects in terms of schedule and cost variances
  • Monitor, track and investigate the productivity and efficiency of labor and utilization of equipment involved in projects
  • Analyze productivity trends by work disciplines and at the activity level to help identify variances and take corrective action
  • Track productivity over time, by project and by geography to investigate variances that impact financial performance
  • Built on SAP BusinessObjects, a familiar world-class business intelligence platform
  • Leverages the InEight UCCW (Unified Cost Control Warehouse) – Provides a single location for HD data in an easily-accessible data warehouse structure
  • Get started quickly with included dashboards and reports
  • Self-Service Analytics – Power users can easily customize reports, perform trend analysis, and find answers to pressing business questions without assistance from IT
  • Scheduling/Bursting and Mobile Access – Automate report distribution to multiple recipients on a schedule
  • Rapid Deployment – Get started in hours, not weeks
  • HD Reporting Mobile – Deploy Limited license for consumption only on mobile devices

Industry-Standard Reports and Dashboards

HD Reporting comes bundled with a reporting template and sample dashboards, helping you quickly gain insight into your projects. Of course, custom reports and dashboards can also be created to address specific requirements.

UCCW – Unified Cost Control Warehouse

HD Reporting is built on the Unified Cost Control Warehouse (UCCW) so you don’t have to spend the effort building, testing, and maintaining your own secure and organized data warehouse. HD Reporting automatically maps the data, saving you even more time and money.

Manage Risk

HD Reporting not only provides visibility in estimated, budgeted and earned revenue, but also aggregates data to show key metrics across the project portfolio. The ability to analyze financial data across lines of work and geography can highlight performance issues and provide strategic insights for investing and growth. View both current and historical performance trends.

Increase Productivity

Monitor and investigate resource productivity and utilization of assets involved in projects. Analyzing productivity trends by type of work and at the activity level helps highlight variances and facilitate corrective actions.

Improve Performance

Track project performance on a cost and schedule basis while measuring earned value and project progress in terms of percent complete. Analyze schedule and cost variances by viewing change orders and assessing quality of work for a project. HD Reporting helps identify at-risk projects and determine their potential impact on profitability. Indicators depicting purchase and buyout performance and backlog reduction will help with future planning.

Gain More Visibility

The web-based portal interface enables easy access wherever and whenever it is needed. Project managers have access to all current project performance KPIs on the jobsite, while managers and executives in the front office have the real-time performance information they need to quickly make informed decisions.

Enable Strategic and Operational Insight

HD Reporting offers managers current and consistent reporting and business intelligence data across the project lifecycle. Successful firms use reporting and performance analytics to manage their operations, mitigate financial risk, maximize resource productivity and increase project profitability.


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