HD Takeoff Integration

theStreamline the takeoff process by completing measurements and calculations as mark-up on drawings, generating faster, more accurate takeoffs. Integration with On Center provides seamless takeoff and cost model estimating.On Center On-Screen Takeoff integration with the HD Suite

Computer Aided Design (CAD) software provides modeling and simulation tools for construction projects. These systems provide a key component to the successful execution of a project in the form of design specifications and material requirements from within a virtual model.

Providing an integration point with third-party CAD systems enables fast and accurate data sharing between design, estimating, schedule, project performance, and accounting. Integrated CAD empowers data sharing between the systems unlike any single point of entry on the market. A work breakdown structure based on a design model (work package or entire project) from a third party CAD system can be created in HD Solutions where cost, productivity, and schedule dates can be defined. Create multi-directional data delivery and collaboration by sending new data defined in HD Solutions back to the CAD system to update the work package or project with cost, productivity, and schedule data.

Through a user interface, the data source (CAD system) may be accessed to allow the user to select the work package or project that they want to define cost, productivity, and schedule data for in HD Solutions. Once the work package or project is selected, the user may elect whether or not they would like the resources (i.e., materials) associated with this work package or project in the CAD system to be imported into HD Solutions along with the work package or project.The result of selecting a work package or project and defining whether or not to add resources may be the creation of a work breakdown structure (including resource requirements, if elected) for the selected work package or project in the HD Solutions cost breakdown structure (CBS) register.

Once the work breakdown structure for the work package or project has been created in HD Solutions, the costs, production rates, and schedules may be defined with direct integration to Primavera or Microsoft Project. Costs may be defined by detailing all of the resource requirements and a production rate (Detail cost source), directly entering the cost of the activity without defining the resource requirements (Plug cost source), or awarding the activity (component) to a subcontractor or vendor (Quote cost source).

An option may be provided to allow the user to add the drawing(s) for this work package or project as a project attachment in HD Solutions for reference purposes.

Once the cost, productivity (man-hours), and schedule dates are defined in HD Solutions, the user may be provided with a method to update the originating work package or project in the CAD system with the data defined in HD Solutions. This data may be used for planning, look ahead purposes, and/or historical analysis.