Field Mobility


In today’s world of fast-moving projects, it is critical that each day’s work moves forward as planned. In addition, managers and superintendents require constant visibility into actual jobsite progress in order to quickly identify and resolve issues as they occur. Without this insight, key tasks may be missed and cause delays that could impact overall project performance and potential profit.

Meanwhile, at the jobsite, foremen need a quick and easy way to receive their scheduled daily tasks and record actual crew hours and quantities performed. Above all, the project team needs to compare actual hours and quantities against the estimated plan to truly understand what was accomplished versus what should have been accomplished. Without this alignment and focus, achieving planned jobsite productivity could be at risk.

The HD Field Solution delivers project execution alignment and visibility by connecting jobsite labor and equipment actuals to the InEight HD suite via a modern tablet interface. In fact, initial case studies show a savings of 10 minutes per time sheet over manual paper processes.

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HD Field Mobile

Foremen use HD Field Mobile on their favorite tablet to review and modify plans assigned to them, and then record actual equipment and labor hours and quantities completed. This helps them to quickly understand what they were supposed to do today, what they actually did, and what they will be required to do tomorrow.

HD Field Manager

Superintendents and project engineers use HD Field Manager to assign crews and equipment to specific foremen for any number of tasks to be completed in the field. Once the work is executed, managers can review and approve jobsite actuals.


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