HD Integration with Dexter + Chaney Spectrum

Webinar: ERP Integration for Proactive and Predictable Profits

Benefits of HD integration with Dexter + Chaney Spectrum

  • Quickly transfer estimates to Spectrum
  • Ensure consistency and create structures for tracking project actuals
  • Enter data once, in one place, increasing productivity and reducing risk of manual data entry errors
  • Increase confidence of all stakeholders with accurate and consistent project numbers
  • Reduce surprises with visibility into actual project performance
  • Increase accuracy of future estimates by collecting as-built actuals from Viewpoint Construction Software

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Hunter Contracting

Hunter Contracting | Heavy Civil

“The precision we get from HD Solutions provides the confidence we need. In today’s competitive market, there’s no room for errors in our estimates.” – Bob Carlson, Director Estimating

Deploy connectivity between HD and Dexter + Chaney Spectrum Construction Software to ensure alignment between estimate, project cost management, and accounting systems and achieve better performance visibility throughout project execution. Leverage the built-in accounting connectivity option of HD to transfer detailed budget information to Spectrum and then increase accuracy of future estimates by collecting as-built actuals from Spectrum to use as benchmark data.