Construction Forecasting Software

HD Suite’s centralized forecasting gives you the power to:

  • Leverage cost model estimates along with current reported performance
  • Calculate forecasted completion of costs from actual productivity and costs

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Rational Forecasting

the HD Suite Rational ForecastingSelect the best forecast method to use for each item, depending on its progress and other criteria. Enter manual forecasts with a required explanation and a full audit trail. Base forecasts on performance trends and averages to date, with ability to apply improvement factors. Drive forecasts from bottom-up estimates developed using the full estimating toolset.

Time-Phased Cost Modeling

the HD Suite time-phased cost modelingAnalyze and manage expected costs with time-phased cost modeling and forecasting to secure project funding. Evaluate the impact of spend levels over time to adjust resources and budget allocations.

Analyze Cash Flow

the HD Suite time-phased cost modelingProduce detailed cash flow forecasting graphs. Gain visibility into forecasted cost, actual cost, current cash, forecasted cash, cash flow, financing cost, as-built, and planned total cost. Dynamic updates from the schedule automatically update activity start and finish dates to always keep cash flow reporting current. Export cash flow and resource utilization data to Excel.

Calculate Project Finance Costs

Calculate Project Finance Costs with HD.Understand the cost of financing a project by applying financing costs to activities over time. Calculate the actual cost of financing against planned and actual resources, roles, equipment, labor and materials in the scope.

Report Earned Value

Report earned value with HD.Calculate project finance costs, quantities, materials, man-hours, equipment hours, and % complete calculate estimated actual costs. Earned value results from work performed from duration of effort, producing an estimated earn cost to compare to actuals.

Forecast Project Activities with Project Schedules

Maintain automatic start and finish updates from scheduling systems Primavera P6 and MS Project to drive activity and finance costs by project and activity. Leverage resource costs behind each activity to auto calculate true cost per period, without manual updating scope and schedule changes.

Manage Resource Impact by Time and Cost

Manage and approve collected time by job code, foreman, status, period, and other variables. Time can be approved and selectively published to update progress activities. Collected time can be calculated against the budget plan to calculate productivity, providing immediate insight into production and forecast completion.

Forecast by Performance

Forecast by Performance with HD.Forecast projects and activities by actual production performance daily, weekly, or monthly. Calculate and update forecasts from planned quantities, planned man-hours, equipment hours, against actual earned quantities or percent complete.

Recalculate forecast completion by average production for an item, latest as-built, or original planned forecast.

Forecast Resources by Category

Forecast resources at the project or activity level including labor, equipment, and rental expenses in graph or table views. View resource categories against estimated, actual and forecasted costs.


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